Evaluation of a national Strategic and Change Management Program

Pilot projects were conducted by the national staff development program, Reframing the Future, to assist organisations in the vocational education and training arena to become high-performing. See final report here.

Role of Evaluator

The role of the participative evaluator, John Mitchell, is to assist the pilot project teams to benefit from involvement in the program.

Participative evaluation requires the evaluator to provide feedback to pilot project teams during the course of their pilot projects, commenting on their use of resources, their processes and their outputs. Participative evaluation also involves providing pilot project teams with challenging questions to assist them to evaluate their own progress. The evaluator is to identify, through research and through consultation with the pilot projects, effective processes for establishing effective strategic and change management projects.

Additionally, the evaluator will:

  • provide further advice to the participating project teams on the literature on strategic and change management, extending the literature review in Chapter 3 of High-Skilled High-Performing VET
  • provide further advice on the development of high-performing VET organizations, extending the research in High-Skilled High-Performing VET and Evidence of High-skilled VET Practitioners and High-Performing VET organizations
  • assist the program mentor and maintain regular contact with the program mentor and the pilot projects for evaluation purposes;
  • document the development of the three pilot projects and examples of good practice, for dissemination to those who may be considering the establishment of the same;
  • produce a final evaluation report which will inform directions and criteria for the selection of projects in future and, together with the mentor, a research paper for a VET conference.